Who We Are

At Miami Shores United Church of Christ, we proudly proclaim to be unapologetically Christian, and unabashedly progressive. We claim to be followers of the Way of Christ and believed that we are called to be in community with shared values, shared missions and shared commitments but not necessarily shared beliefs.

We acknowledge that we are all on a faith journey, and we accept people where they are at with no reservations. We invite everyone into the life of the church and do not enforce any set of beliefs or doctrines that go against scientific education and sound reason.

Our faith is over 2,000 years old, but our thinking is not. At Miami Shores UCC we believe that the Bible is a guide to the understanding of God through the experiences of our Jewish heritage and the founding voices of our faith. We take the Bible very seriously, but in all conscience do not take it literally. This is because we believe that the Spirit of God is still flowing and moving people and communities to listen to God’s still speaking voice. A voice that has allowed our church and our denomination to take steps and be a church of first.

As a denomination, we have ensured that all people are welcomed at God’s table. As an Open and Affirming church, we ensured that God’s grace and love is given freely to all people regardless of color, cultural differences, sexual orientation and expression, and economic level. We believe that there is still room at the table for all who wish to experience the transformational power of the love and the Way of Christ.

Reaching beyond our four walls and calling out into the wilderness, we are committed to justice and witness so that people can see and not just be told that we are followers of Christ. We are called to love and love in abundance all the people of this tiny blue marvel in space. And we are called to be guardians and defenders of all expressions of creation, ensuring that the Earth and all creation can live in a just and peaceful way.

We are the people of the United Church of Christ.