“May we have communion with God in the secret of our hearts,and find him to be to us a sanctuary.” – Charles Spurgeon

The long, hot days of summer have arrived! Here in South Florida, this is the time of the year when every living thing seems to seek sanctuary – from the noonday sun, the thunderstorms, or the mosquitos. As you plan your summer activities this year, I pray that you will continue to seek regular rest and refreshment for your heart and spirit here at your Community Church.

For several years, our congregation has met in the Chapel for worship during the hot summer months. The congregation was lean enough in the summertime to fit into the smaller space, and it made sense to try to save a little bit of money on air conditioning. However, last year our church attendance remained above average all summer long, and the Chapel grew a little too crowded for comfort. For this reason, we have decided to remain in the Sanctuary throughout the summer this year.

Summer, winter, springtime and fall, the God of love lives among us here! May you experience the sweet sanctuary of God’s presence wherever you are.

With you on the journey,
Rev. Meg Watson