Social Justice and Miami Shores UCC

The United Church of Christ has a rich tradition of engaging in social change since our founding in 1957. That rich history is built upon the social justice foundations of our Congregationalist brothers and sisters dating back to the 1600’s when our Pilgrim ancestors set out to the new world seeking greater religious liberties. As Congregationalists, our church took an early stance against slavery in the early 1700’s. “The Boston Tea Party,” America’s first act of civil disobedience, was born out of the Old South Church, our sister church in Boston. Our church was the first to publish an African American poet (1773), ordain an African American pastor (1785), to send foreign missionaries to other countries (1810), to operate a school for the deaf (1817), first integrated anti-slavery society (1846), ordain a woman pastor (1853), ordain the first openly gay minister (1972), and first to take a stand in supporting marriage equality (2005). With this deep and rich history of justice, it is only natural for us at Miami Shore Community Church to continue to strive for justice.

We are proud to be working with a variety of Community Organizations that are putting our faith into action such as:

People Acting for Community Together (PACT), which seeks to unite, organize and train leaders from diverse congregations, schools, and community groups to build a powerful community voice. Individually and collectively, we empower ourselves, hold officials accountable, achieve systemic change, and promote fairness, justice, and democracy in Miami-Dade County.

Safe Schools South Florida whose mission is to create safer schools where all students can learn and thrive, regardless of real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, their own or that of their parents/guardians.

Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) Miami, which seeks to enhance the quality of life of LGBT elders through programs that gather the community, offer counseling and case management services and provide SAGE-certified training in cultural sensitivity to those in organizations that care for LGBT elders.

And introducing Interfaith Miami, which is a coalition of churches, temples, and community groups who seek to awaken a social movement that is dedicated to the propositions that all are welcomed, all are loved, and all deserve to have a voice.

In working with these organizations, we are ensuring that we live up to the principles set out by our founding elders. In entrusting us with the call for Community, they instilled in us to serve all of the people of the Village of Miami Shores since the early 1900’s.

May it be so!
Harold Sloan-Marrero
Director of Media Ministry and Outreach