A special invitation from our host Electra!

On June 23, 2014, my husband, Terry M. Cain passed away.

He was a vital member of our Community Church Choir as well as a popular and well-respected member of the theater community in South Florida. With his passing, I lost my best friend and soulmate as well as the God-given voice that I will never hear again.

Being away all summer, I decided to plan his memorial on a very special date, October 24th. His birthday and our wedding anniversary. I wanted it to be a celebration in music and song…with which he left his beautiful footprint in our hearts.

The celebration was so well received that I decided to make it an annual event in his honor, for all to enjoy.

So each year I call on our church family, extended friends, and family in our theater and gay communities to lend their talents for Terry’s tribute, Raising Cain.

With the combined efforts of these fine folks, we raise money to help our music departments in our church and our school. In that way, music, Terry’s true love, will bloom and flourish for years to come.

Thank you for your interest and loyalty in Raising Cain.

In God’s love,
Jim Buff…Electra