Pet Blessing and Adoption
October 14, 2018​

Some people may scoff at the idea of a pet blessing, but there’s a very important reason why our church and many others partake in this yearly fall tradition. Besides the obvious fact that we love our pets that is! The love that we give and receive from a pet is so basic yet so pure and is a constant reminder of the unconditional love that we get from God. Our pets don’t care about our myriad of faults, they just know that we are their “person” and that’s all that matters to them when we come home every evening. For older people who live alone, a pet is often the one thing keeping loneliness and despair at bay. For these reasons and more, we are happy to announce our annual Pet Blessing and Adoption to be held Sunday, October 14 at 1:00 p.m. in the patio area. All pets are welcome, so long as they remain on a leash or contained at all times. We look forward to getting to know these very important and much-loved members of your family. After the actual blessing of the pets, our partner Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation will be on hand with pets available for adoption. They will also be accepting donations of cat food. For more information on Saving Sage, please visit their website at