Let Justice Roll at MSCC!

Yes, there is power in numbers, and many of us at Miami Shores Community Church are working to put our faith into action by joining ranks with other churches, synagogues, mosques and schools, in making this a fairer, more just community.

Our Missions and Social Justice Committee is working on two important fronts.

First, we are linking, both informally and through www.interfaithmiami.org – where Harold Sloan-Marrero and Jayon Hadley serve on the board — with nearby UCC churches and a broader group in helping to improve lives in our immediate and surrounding communities. Stay tuned for more news on this front!

Second, MSCC completed its first year as an active member of Miami PACT (People Acting for the Community Together), which has been fighting to create a more just community since 1988. Most recently, local officials have taken action by acting on Miami PACT’s efforts to reduce gun violence through pilot programs, make affordable housing more available, and create a fairer juvenile justice system.

Those results bore fruit when officials from around the county joined 1400 people at the Nehemiah Action Assembly March 27, culminating in the June 5 year-end celebration at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Rosanne Greaves gave a stirring personal testimonial of why we are proud to participate in PACT’s successful work, citing the community bonds she remembered from growing up in Trinidad. Thanks to the June 5 event’s other MSCC participants and individual contributors (some in absentia) Marilyn Coronado, Gaspar Gonzalez, Michael Grumbowski, Margaret Mahoney, and Brenda Merrill, many of whom are on our church’s Missions and Social Justice Committee.

If you would like to learn more about Miami PACT, please visit www.miamipact.org or check out my article on PACT in the North Miami column of June’s Biscayne Times at www.biscaynetimes.com.

Mark Sell
Chair of Missions and Social Justice Committee