Romans 2:11 “For God does not show favoritism.”

In a time where fear of the other has gripped much of the public discourse in this nation and the world, in our Church and in the United Church of Christ, there is a different discourse. Our Congregational and Evangelical Reform roots have ensured that our history is filled with the voices of opposition to oppression, slavery, racism, subjugation of women, homophobia, and xenophobia. Our churches, following God’s still speaking voice, have served as beacons of light, hope, and love in times where “the world” chooses to go in a direction that is anti-love.

With this prophetic voice, our Community Church is also seeking to expand God’s welcome to all at our table. In welcoming all to sit with us, share a meal, and drink with us, and enjoy cultural opportunities such as concerts and discussion events. In doing these things, we ensure that the name of “community” is fully realized in our name and that we truly become a church where all are welcome and all are loved, regardless of background or status. For in Christ we are all One.

May it be so!
Harold Sloan-Marrero
Director of Media and Outreach